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End of May 2004,

1 Month Later
after X-REP training...
July 1, 2004: X-REP
training made drastic
changes in mass and
steroids, no photo


Size-Supplement Synergy: Combo to Grow

We’ve recently gotten great gains with a three-way preworkout supplement stack. Here is the background on that combo to grow from Jerry Brainum.

“Given the demonstrated ergogenic effectiveness of conjugated linoleic acid, whey and creatine, researchers postulated that combining all three would be more effective than taking any of them alone. They were also watching for potential health risks of using the supplements, such as increased oxidative stress, negative effects on bone mass and undesirable changes in kidney function.

“This study found that those taking all three supplements experienced more gains in bench press and leg press strength, along with lean tissue gains, than the other groups combined.

“Both CLA and creatine have been found to provide anticatabolic effects in muscle, and the combination of the two used in this study confirmed that. No increased oxidative stress or apparent negative effects on kidney function occurred in this study. The authors suggest that the combination of creatine, CLA and whey protein spurs gains in lean mass and strength for those engaged in resistance exercise and bodybuilding.”

That study, along with others that have demonstrated CLA’s fat-burning benefits, convinced us to start using it immediately.

The way we’ve been stacking these three is to drink one to two scoops of new Optimum Nutrition Hydro Whey mixed in water about 45 minutes before we train. (You can mix with a spoon easily--no blender required; very convenient. This is a new hydrolyzed whey that is the purest and fastest-absorbed whey available.)

Then about 20 minutes before we hit the gym, we take 4 caps of CLA...

And 2 caps of Creakic.

You don’t have to use those brands--any will work. Just be sure you get at least 30 grams of whey, 5 grams of creatine and 5 grams of CLA. It’s the key preworkout combo to grow!

Note: For more uncensored supplement info, see Jerry Brainum’s Natural Anabolics e-book. It contains chapters on all the key supplements that work and even a supplement schedule you can use. For a limited time you also get the Muscle Guru Interviews e-book that’s packed with workout info from the experts on everything from X Reps to Power/Rep Range/Shock to Positions of Flexion to DoggCrapp training. Available at www.JerryBrainum.com.


Cornish, S.M., et al. (2009). Conjugated linoleic acid combined with creatine monohydrate and whey protein supplementation during strength training. Int J Sports Nutr Exerc Metabol. 19:79-96.

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"X Reps allowed us to cut our bodypart workouts in half, and we grew faster than ever—we got record mass and muscularity increases in only one month!"


End of May 2004,

1 Month Later
after X-REP training...
July 1, 2004: X-REP
training made drastic
changes in muscle size, density
steroids, no photo