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End of May 2004,

1 Month Later
after X-REP training...
July 1, 2004: X-REP
training made drastic
changes in mass and
steroids, no photo


Ultimate Fat Burners

Many of the questions we get involve burning fat. Everyone is looking for the edge to do it faster so that abs suddenly appear, shrink-wrapped with paper-thin skin. The bad news is you have to have some patience—you aren’t going to go from the Chub Club to the Cut Crowd in a few weeks. The good news is that we've found a few magic potions that will help it come off as fast as possible—if you’re training hard and eating right, of course.

Fat burner. The key ingredients in an ultimate fat burner include caffeine, green tea extract, yohimbine and—a biggie that most don’t include— coleus forskolii (forskolin). Several new studies have shown significant fat-loss effects with human subjects who took a forskolin-based supplement—with no serious negative side effects. Positive side effects, other than ramping up fat loss, are lower blood pressure, more high-density lipoprotein and—get ready—more free testosterone! Yes, forskolin stimulated the production of the active form of that key anabolic hormone—which is also known to burn bellyfat! The amount in the study was 250 milligrams of 10 percent forskolin twice a day. [Godard, M.P., et al. (2005). Med Sci Sports Exer. 37:S39.]

Recommendation: Take as listed on the label before weight training and before cardio, if it’s not too late in the day—or getting to sleep at night could be difficult. Here are our picks for the best fat burners we’ve found...

NxLabs’ Methyl Ripped
SAN Blaze X-treme

Vasodilators (nitric oxide, or NO, precursors). You thought these were for getting a bigger pump during your workout. They are, but they also accelerate fat burning. How? Two words: blood flow. Opening up blood vessels so that blood can flow more freely is a key to melting fat. That’s especially important prior to cardio—yes, vasodilators aren’t just for preworkout; they are for pre-cardio too. According to bodybuilding researcher Jerry Brainum...

“Studies show that NO aids fat oxidation, a.k.a. burning, in muscle, heart, liver and fat tissue. It also inhibits the production of fat in fat cells. A substance called AMPK is known to stimulate fat burning. Giving arginine to obese rats doubled the level of AMPK mRNA levels in their fat tissue.”

Now we’re talking! It can inhibit fat from accruing and enhance the adipose burning. [Sellman, J.E., et al. (2006). J Appl Physiol. 100:258-65.]

Recommendation: Take as listed on the label before weight training and before cardio.Here are three we’ve tried and find effective. Note that if you take a fat burner before training and a vasodilator, you may want to choose the one below without caffeine—otherwise you’ll be double-dosing and jitters are sure to follow...

ALRI’s N'Gorge capsules (no caffeine)
Gaspari’s SuperPump 250 powder (with caffeine)
Muscle Asylum Project’s Altered State caplets (with caffeine)

Phosphatidylserine. You’ve probably seen the commercials that say how the stress hormone cortisol can increase bellyfat. Cortisol also causes your body to use muscle tissue for its immediate energy needs. Not good. So to build more muscle and reduce fat stores, you need to control your cortisol levels. Oh, workouts increase cortisol, so if you’re training hard, you really need something to keep it in check. That something is phosphatidylserine, or PS.

PS is a soy lipid that has been shown in lab studies to reduce cortisol by up to 30 percent in hard-training athletes, and it’s a must for high-strung hardgainer types, who should also use two capsules before bed (cortisol release is very high in the latter hours of sleep). [Fahey, T., and Pearl, M. (1998). Biol Sport. 15:135-144.]

Recommendation: Four capsules (800 milligrams) before training; two capsules before bed. (Note: Caffeine raises epinephrine release, which triggers cortisol surges. If you use caffeine-based fat burners, always stack with PS.) Our favorite PS supplement is Cort-Bloc by Muscle-Link.

L-carnitine. L-carnitine and acetyl-L-carnitine are known as fat-to-muscle supplements because they can enhance the fat-burning process. How? They shuttle fat to the mitochondria, which are the furnace of cells. Studies also show that carnitine may enhance muscular-force production, a key to stimulating muscle growth. Researchers found that it improved the contractile force in the latissimus dorsi of dogs by 34 percent and overall force production by 31 percent.

A new study shows that after 21 days of carnitine supplementation, the numbers of androgen receptors on muscle were increased. Androgen receptors interact with testosterone, which can result in more muscle growth. Bonus: Carnitine has been used successfully to treat male sexual dysfunction. Wow! Fat to muscle and more sexy hustle! Is this a great supplement or what!

Recommendation: Take 1,500 milligrams before breakfast and another 1,500 milligrams before lunch. Our favorite brand is NOW...

Also, keep in mind that protein is thermogenic; in other words it help increase your metabolism to burn more fat, and, as we explain in the X-treme Lean e-book, it also has a higher energy cost than carbs. That means you should eat some protein at every meal.

Give all or some of the above recommendations a try. You’ve got nothing to lose—except plenty of muscle-blurring fat!

—Steve Holman and Jonathan Lawson

The e-books on this site were written to help you get closer to your physical potential with sensible bodybuilding strategies. Weight training is a demanding activity, however, so it is highly recommended that you consult your physician and have a physical examination prior to beginning a weight-training program. Any comments provided are for general information purposes only and do not represent medical advice. Proceed with the suggested diets, exercises and routines at your own risk.

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"X Reps allowed us to cut our bodypart workouts in half, and we grew faster than ever—we got record mass and muscularity increases in only one month!"


End of May 2004,

1 Month Later
after X-REP training...
July 1, 2004: X-REP
training made drastic
changes in muscle size, density
steroids, no photo