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End of May 2004,

1 Month Later
after X-REP training...
July 1, 2004: X-REP
training made drastic
changes in mass and
steroids, no photo


The X-traordinary Abs
E-book is Here

New Controversial Tactics Can Rip You a Set of Abs That Grabs Onlookers by the Throat and Rivets Their Eyeballs!

10-Minute X-Rep Stretch-to-Etch Workouts Accelerate Abdominal Detail

Imagine having the type of shredded midsection that’s rock-hard and chiseled even when you’re standing relaxed. That’s right, no flexing necessary to see those attention-grabbing abs, etched in like polished granite. Now that’s midsection perfection! We can help you get that eye-popping ab development faster than ever with our new X-traordinary Ab routines, each one power packed with the stretch-to-etch concept and X-Rep firepower.

Each of our controversial programs takes 10 minutes or less, but they work better and faster than anything out there. We’ve proved it on ourselves (see our before and after photos) and others. The reason they are so radically effective is because we’ve taken max-force-point research and applied it to the best ab exercises (if you’re doing standard crunches and hanging leg raises, you’re wasting tons of time—those are severely inefficient movements!). We give you the key X-traordinary-ab exercises and structure them into incredibly effective programs that will whittle your middle into delineated sections of tight, pure muscle in record time. (True, you need to get your bodyfat down so you can see your results, but we’ve included bodyfat-reduction tips too.)

We’ve been training together at the IRON MAN Training & Research Center for 10 years, and we have more than 40 years of training experience between us. During that time we’ve tried all kinds of blitz-and-blast ab routines. We got some results, but they took lots of time to produce. It wasn’t until we learned exactly how the abdominals function and how to get the most out of every single set of ab work that the results really came into clear view—as in shredded abs and serratus (which are those cool slashing lines on the sides of the upper midsection that make people shake their heads in disbelief).

We’ve discovered that it doesn’t take set after set to get the job done—if you know how to apply the best full-range movements in combination with X Reps and occlusion at the right times. This new e-book teaches you all of that and more...

• The max-force concept. How to make common ab exercises up to five times more effective, with precise performance tips for each.

•Ab analysis and the synergy-vs.-isolation controversy. Why standard crunches and hanging kneeups are lame ab exercises and how to alter and order the best moves to supercharge your results.

•The fast-twitch switch. The latest on how to extend a set for more fiber activation; we call it time-bomb training—the key to etching deeper ridges into your midsection fast.

•Blood bath aftermath. How to use the principle of blocking blood flow to infuse your workout with more strength- and detail-building power via capillary expansion and muscle-fiber integration.

•Ultimate ab exercises. The X-traordinary 6 that will shred your abs from top to bottom.

•X-traordinary Ab workouts. Quick, precise, printable 10-minute programs that get the job done without wasting time. (There’s even a freehand workout that’s more effective than most ab routines you see trainers using in gyms.)

•Midsection-perfection Q&A. Everything from electro-stimulators to diet to growth hormone to supplements to cardio to motivation is covered here.

•Top 9 X-traordinary ab myths. Side bends? Crunches? High reps? Get rid of the waste to muscularize your waist. Exploding these myths will put you on the road to ripped.

Okay, you’re ready for your own eye-popping midsection, and our X-traordinary Abs e-book can get you there. You can get it one of two ways:

1) Click here to purchase X-traordinary Abs from the X Shop now.

2) Click here to subscribe to IRON MAN magazine for $29.97, and the $24.95 X-traordinary Abs e-book is yours free. (That’s like getting an entire year’s worth of IM, 12 big issues, for about $10—less than $1 per issue. Now that’s a deal!)

Either way, you’ll soon have all the etching tools you need for your very own abs that grab people by the throat and rivet their eyeballs.

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The X-Traordinary Abs e-book, featuring X-Rep Training

You will need Adobe Acrobat reader available for free here:

X-Traordinary Abs was written to help you get closer to your physical potential with sensible bodybuilding strategies. Weight training is a demanding activity, however, so it is highly recommended that you consult your physician and have a physical examination prior to beginning a weight-training program. Any comments provided are for general information purposes only and do not represent medical advice. Proceed with the suggested diets, exercises and routines at your own risk.

Results using X-Traordinary Abs and X-Reps vary from individual to individual. Testimonial endorsers’ results using it may be considered atypical.

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X-traordinary Abs

End of May 2004,

1 Month Later
after X-REP training...
July 1, 2004: X-REP
training made drastic
changes in muscle size, density
steroids, no photo